Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Developing a pitch for new reality TV show

If ISIS is succeeding in recruiting jihadists based on their longing for a utopia, and the idea that they need a “protector” from the dystopia they are living in, should not media consider making this utopia true?
If the success of reality shows is in its core related to the creation of a utopia, where people are protected from everyday life struggles, is it possible to create a reality TV show that provide a utopia of justice? Not one of consumerism?
If the citizen of the world is facing depression, anxiety, loneliness, and oppression; would it be possible to help him/her out by providing a better world through media?
I started building such a reality TV show in my head: all the participants will be gathered in a house where is no harm, injustice, nor any oppression.
Then I thought, who would watch that?  In a utopia of pure justice, there will be no competition. A TV reality show is based on the idea of competition and elimination to have a “winner”.
So, I decided to develop the idea, participants will not be in the program where there is a just world. They should participate to create one.
The reality show should be based on gathering people from around the globe to find the utopia that will suit all humanity. The only factor that could lead to an elimination is to harm other: physically, psychologically, or verbally.
The show should be monitored by specialists, the risk of participants becoming violent or trying to seize power is always present, so the participants should be watched very closely.

  The only question would be: would any TV channel be interested in producing such a show? The answer will determine if the media is involved in forming the world we live in today.


  1. This is a fascinating idea! Bringing together contestants from different backgrounds, belief systems, and socioeconomic demographics in order to construct ideals on utopia. You could create shock factor by including certain radicalized ideologies in this mix, so long as there could be a guarantee that no one was harmed. This would create forced dialogue based off proximity of the contestants, but also (potentially) future dialogue by viewers based off digital coverage. I, for one, would tune in every week:)

  2. Such an interesting idea. How wonderful it would be to discover utopia by just watching TV! I wonder how the participants would be chosen--would they be ex-criminals, people struggling with anger management, i.e., people prone to violence? That might make for more "risk"--viewers might tune in more if they think that during each episode someone would get violent and then eliminated. Which makes me wonder if people would be tuning in to watch for the solution, or just for the violence...